(Intonation Adjuster for Ibanez Edge-Zero 2)


" ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2 "(RBIA3) is the newly developed intonation adjustment tool for Ibanez Edge-Zero 2 bridge (EZ2).
The one big problem of Ibanez Edge-Zero ii tremolo is intonation adjustment. Because of the bridge structure, the intonation adjustment with string tensioned state is impossible, so the only way is to put the saddle by hand roughly and lock it after strings loosened. So it is very difficlut to adjust intonaion precisely and speedily.

ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2 has a newly designed structure. By ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2, users can adjust intonation with string tensioned state. So the intonation adjustment can be done precisely and speedily.

The Claw part of ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2 catches and pulls the saddle part directly, so the motion is steady. The large thumb wheel and Teflon washer makes the torque lighter. The precise casting body of stainless steel, machininged metal parts, deep blue thumb wheel will give you the pleasure of owning.

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Ibanez Edge-Zero 2 ( Edge-Zero ii )


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    ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2 features

  • Newly designed structure makes it possible to adjust intonation of Ibanez Edge-Zero2 tremolo speedily and precisely.

  • The large diameter Thumb wheel and Teflon washer make the torque lighter.

  • The precise casting body of stainless steel is strong to rust, and with high strength.

  • RED BISHOP logo by laser marking, and high quality machininged metal parts.

〈Instruction manual〉

ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2 is intonation adjuster for Ibanez Edge-Zero2 bridge.

〈Names of parts〉

〈How to use〉

Step 1.
Intonation adjustment should be done in the state of that the guitar is tilted like playing position. (to avoid the weight effect)

Step 2.

Hook the Leg part at the end of bridge baseplate. And rotate Thumb wheel to insert the Claw part into saddle lock pad hole and tighten so that there is no wobble.

Step 3.

loosen the saddle lock screw by wrench.

Step 4.

Tune and pick the string and adjust intonation. If the high fret pitch is high, pull the saddle backward, and if the pitch is low, put the saddle forward by rotating Thumb Screw. To avoid giving too much stress on string, loosen the string tension properly.

Step 5.

Repeat this operation, and if the intonation is correct, tighten the saddle lock screw by wrench.
Remove the ACCU-LOCATOR EZ2, and tune the string again.
It‘s done.

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