" DROP-SHUTTLE (RBDT1) " is our new product for Floyd Rose type bridge.(This item can't be used on Ibanez EDGE and GOTOH 1996T)
This product is aimed for easy & accurate pitch shifter.

We heard the drop tuner for Floyd Rose in market needs to be grabbed by fingers, and sometimes it is stiff to shift pitch. So we designed easy & accurate pitch shifter, named DROP-SHUTTLE.
And also, we made pitch shifter for low tuning guitars like 7 string guitars and down tuned 6 string guitars. (RBDT2)
DROP-SHUTTLE has a fin of patented design, you can shift up and down by one middle finger easily.
Further this, the pitch shift adjustment structure is improved so more accurate adjustment is possible.
Anti loosening agent is pasted on the adjustment screw, so the adjustment screw won't be loosened by shifting motion.

Please check the relation between pitch shift amount and tuning pitches by the drawing below.

<Mounting possible>
(Floyd Rose 1000, Floyd Rose Special etc)
Schaller Lockmeister

<Mounting impossible>
Ibanez Edge, Lo-Pro Edge, GOTOH 1996T, etc

RBDT1 (for regular 6string Guitar) 39.00US$/set
RBDT2 (for 7string, or low tuned 6string guitar) 43.00US$/set

    DROP-SHUTTLE features

  • Patented fin design makes the pitch shift motion very easy. You can shift DROP-SHUTTLE by one finger with grabbing your pick.

  • By improving the structure, it is possible to make finer pitch adjustment.

  • Anti-loosening agent is pasted on the adjustment screw, so the adjustment screw won't be loosened by shifting motion.( If there is some detuning after many times of pitch shift, please check the fine tuner bolt of your bridge. There might be some loosenness, so please put some anti loosenning treatment like a little bit of lacquer paint. )
  • Easy installing
  • The body of DROP-SHUTTLE is made by hard stainless steel.
  • Made in JAPAN

〈Instruction manual〉

・At first, you need to prevent your guitar's arm up motion by something to avoid string’s going out of tune after pitch shift.(Floating state is NG.)

〈Installation of DROP-SHUTTLE〉
・Remove the string lock screw of 6th or 7th string saddle.  Install the DROP-SHUTTLE on the saddle by rotating special lock screw and tighten the 6th or 7th string.

・Set the DROP-SHUTTLE to pulled position and set the fine tuning screw to high position. Tune strings. Tune the saddle on which DROP SHUTTLE is set to lower pitch (for example, tune to D, if you want to shift between D and E).

・Lock the locking nut by thigtenning screws.

Push the DROP-SHUTTLE to forward position.

Tune the low string to higher pitch(for example, tune at E, if you want to shift between D and E) . If The pitch is lower , rotate the adjustment screw clockwise. If it is higher, rotate the adjustment screw counterclockwise.

・If the tuning of the low string becomes out of tune after many shift changes, please check the stiffness of fine-tuning screw of your bridge. In this case, putting a little bit of anti-loosening agent (like lacquer paint) on the screw part will be help.

・When you use ACCU-LOCATOR for intonation adjustment, please remove the DROP-SHUTTLE body and use ACCU-LOCATOR.

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